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Bald and Beautiful Sphynx Cats
Angellina Segal
Henderson, Nevada
(818) 674-3623
Welcome to BareMews. We are a small TICA and CFA registered Sphynx cattery located in Henderson
(near Las Vegas), Nevada. We raise happy, healthy, beautiful and bald Sphynx. If you are looking for a
truly unique type of pet, a BareMews Sphynx is for you. Highly intelligent, inquisitive, playful and
extremely friendly, these kitties have been know to act like they're part monkey, part puppy, part parrot,
part human, all wrapped up in a hairless kitty package. Our cats run our household and are spoiled
rotten! They're very loved and well socialized with our kids and our Rottweiler and Boxer pups.
As a rule, our kittens leave our home when they're between 13 and 16 weeks old, after they've been
altered and fully recovered from their surgeries.
We spay or neuter all of our PET kittens before they
leave us.
This works best for the kittens, as recovery is faster and stress is minimized while mom and
babies are still together. Plus, we want for your only worry to be how much love and play time you have
with your new kitty, not any type of health concerns. All of our kittens will be microchipped, all
vaccinations will be up to date and they will be vet checked by a qualified veterinarian before leaving us.
Our adult cats are scanned for HCM (annually) and are tested for FIV & FeLV with negative results. All cats
and kittens adopted out are under contract which includes a
contract is necessary to protect both breeder, new owner, and most importantly, your new kitten or cat.
Please note that every respectable breeder requires a knowledge of information from any perspective
"new" parent that will enable the breeder to ensure the health, safety and placement of their kittens/cats
in their future home. As a parent of one of our babies, I will be available to you to answer any questions,
as long as you need me, prior, during and after adding a BareMews Sphynx to your family.
Take a closer look at the Sphynx, if you choose to be a BareMews Sphynx parent, your life will forever be
changed. If you have any questions or are interested in any of our available or future kittens, please feel
free to text, e-mail or give me a call.
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My apologies for the lack of updates.. We've been
having computer issues and are just now able to
update the website. We've also been missing
messages.. If you've contacted us in the past few
months and haven't gotten a response, and you're
still interested in a kitty, please contact us back.

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are only
placing kitties locally in the Las Vegas area.