Helpful Tips:
  • Please give me a bath at least once a month (some Sphynx need even less bathing). Depending on how oily I get it
    may be more often. I may not particularly care for it or I may actually LIKE it, but I will get "greasy" and leave dirty
    places on your furniture if you don’t bathe me. Call my breeder if you need help.
  • Please clean my ears at least once a week. I get a black/brown waxy goo that may look like I have ear mites, but it's
    just a characteristic of my breed. You can use clean dry Q-tips to clean them as you would for yourselves. Don't go
    too deep! Remember that if you don't clean my ears I might get an ear infection or have ugly, dirty ears.
  • Please clean my eyes as needed. Since I don’t have eyelashes I can get little particles in them that may hurt me. If
    you see light brown to reddish colored eye boogers, these are completely normal. You can use warm water on a
    tissue to wipe these away, but only wipe the outside of my eyes. If I have yellow or greenish colored eye boogers, I
    probably have an eye infection and you should seek veterinary attention for me.
  • Please DON’T  LET  ME  GO  OUTSIDE!!!  I may want to, but there are many "bad" things outside that can hurt me or
    make me very sick.
  • Please DO  NOT  USE  FLEA  &  TICK  TOPICAL  MONTHLY  MEDICINES on me (Revolution, Advantage, Frontline, etc.)
    This can KILL  ME  DEAD as I don't have the hair to help absorb some of the medicine. I can easily overdose on this.
  • Remember the ear goo? I get similar goo at the base of my nails. Please clean my nails and clip them at least once
    a week. Clip my nails in bright light so you can see where my nail ends and my nail beds begin (don’t clip the part
    with the blood vessel). Clipping my nails on a regular bases will help keep me from scratching things you don’t want
    me to scratch.
  • Would you please get me something that it IS OK for me to scratch on? I like cat trees to climb and scratch on. I like
    wooden poles with rope wrapped around them!  You may want to pin upholstery plastic on the corners of your nice
    furniture until I am trained on my scratching post. It is clear and will protect your furniture. You can get it at any
    fabric store. We learned to use a scratching post here at BareMews so I start to develop good habits for when I go
    home to you.
  • Please, please DON'T HIT ME if I’m bad… I don't understand what "hitting" means, it only hurts me and it will make
    me afraid of you. If I'm being naughty, you can use a spray bottle filled with water to "squirt" me or clap your hands
    loudly saying "NO" when I do something wrong! This will teach me that what I did was a "no, no". You can also take
    out one of my favorite toys and play with me to distract me from the wrong behavior. Laser Pointers work very well
    for this if I'm further away from you.
  • Please give me someplace warm where I can sleep. I will need a little place of my own that is warm to sleep when I’
    m not "snuggling" with you. The pet stores have nice little "covered cat beds" that I will really like (of course I will
    prefer being with you when you are home).
  • Please empty my litter box DAILY!!!!! I do not like a dirty litter box and may find someplace else to go if it is not
    cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Please supervise me when I am playing with "un-cat" toys. Strings and other "people" objects can get caught in my
    throat and hurt me very badly or even KILL me!
  • Please realize that I am a kitten and EVERYTHING looks like a toy to me and will be investigated. You will need to
    teach me what I can do and what I can’t do in our home.
  • Please make sure I have all my necessary vaccinations and parasite cures. Please read my contract to see what
    vaccines I shouldn't get. Don’t let me around outside cats AT ALL! They may be sick and then make me sick too.
    Remember that fleas and ticks carry bad diseases as well!
  • Please remember that I AM ONLY A PART OF YOUR WORLD, but YOU ARE MY ENTIRE WORLD. Please give me lots
    and lots of love as that is what I need most! I will love you unconditionally if you let me. The more you love me, the
    more I will love you.
  • Please call my breeder if you have any questions about me or anything I am doing. She loves me as much as you do
    and only wants whats best for me!
  • Please send updated pictures and funny stories to my breeder too. She would love to know how I am all grown up.
Welcome to the wonderful world of the hairless cat!
The Sphynx cat is very unique and has a personality that supersedes that of any other cat.
It is often said that the Sphynx is part cat, part dog, part monkey and part child. Most
people who have met a Sphynx agree with that description. Leaving independence at the
door, they are true "people cats". The Sphynx temperament is sweet, affectionate,
mischievous and playful; wanting as much attention as you can give them. Although to
look at the Sphynx, you would think no hair means maintenance free, these cats do
require time and effort to keep them clean and healthy. The appearance of hairlessness
differs with each cat and depends on the quality of that specific cat/kitten.
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Bald and Beautiful Sphynx Cats
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